Keeping Cool

I just hung UV reflective curtains to block the summer heat.

They’re translucent during the day, and silver at night.

It brings me back to Partapur, where I patched together foil wrappers to make a covering for a migrant family’s house.

It was hot in the sun, picking the wrappers from a heap of trash. Washing them in buckets and in a lake.

Yesterday, riding on the air conditioned Path train, I looked over a woman’s shoulder at her magazine and saw my work looking back.

It’s a little blurb within a compilation: various things you can do, eat, drink, see, places you can go in New York to keep cool. I’m sure it’s the first and last time time I’ll see my work compared to Monet’s Water Lillies, Beekman’s Beer Garden, and ice cream sandwiches in the same breath.

Trees keep you cool. Can fake trees keep you cool?