Paradise in the Bronx

I’m in this show which opens next Wednesday at the Andrew Freedman House. See where it says “additional installations are presented by”? I’m among the Bronx Museum group, along with:

Wade Schaming
Guillaume Légaré
Raúl Gómez Valverde
Jay Paavonpera
Alicia Grullon
Seldon Yuan
Marisa Tesauro
David Schroeter

It’s a nice little setup we have there!

Seldon Yuan

Untitled (trees, hanger)

In the Memory Of Photos

The text reads:

again i hd to leave
bhnd wht cld not be carried
was phtgrphd to a weight and size idntcl
to small paper “ rmmber, do not frgt”

untl again i hd to move

thn i remmbrd… i can nt remmber

so i photgrphd mments amng ppl wthin lndscps light arrngmnts of tble settings thmbtacks bedding bxes by wndws

“ and move “

i phtgrphed untl i hd to phtgrph the phtgphs qrtering
the weight untl the mnemonic becme a .
move i cld not move
not move i cld nt stay
to nt frgt or stop

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