Garden Maintenance

After months of gorgeous bouquets by¬†Jaime Rugh, I’m happy to see this photo of her garden debris: pulled weeds, twigs, dead leaves…

…and I’m reminded of this quote by Mierle Laderman Ukeles, from a 2009 interview:

That is what maintenance is, trying to listen to the hum of living. A feeling of being alive, breath to breath. The same way that the sanitation department sends out 1,600 trucks every day, it is like this repetitive thing that as much as you chafe at the boredom of the repetition, it is as important as the other parts. “


This weekend is Wave Hill‘s “Festival Of Grasses”, and I’ll be leading a weaving workshop for their Family Art Project. I’d like to do some combination of a traditional dwelling design made from grass, with non-traditional materials worked into the grass. Kids will be making small patches in a separate room, which they’ll have the option of attaching to the structure. Here are a few things I’ve been looking at: :

Jaime Rugh’s small weavings:

Ergani Weaving:

My “Temporary Monument”, 2006:

Taken in a village in Rajasthan, 2009:

Julia Sherman’s Room-A-Loom: