Luck & Transport

A couple weeks ago I found this in Jersey City, in Little India.

In Bangalore, people tie sandals to the bumpers of their cars for good luck. I never figured out exactly why, but I love that shoes, which are associated with walking, are linked with a more modern vehicle of travel. When I was preparing for Test Drive, I also made a tiny sandal and sewed it to the bumper of one of the car/skates, to add one more layer to the play upon feet & cars.

Blurry picture, but best I could find. You can see it at the bottom of the image.


I shot this video clip in Bangalore. These ladies are weaving floor mats on the side of the road. I love the rhythm of it.

I also apparently loved the combination of bits of rubble and string; Seeing this surely lead to Walking Sutra.

It’s also the technique I used to weave cardboard strips into blinds for the sculpture Make Shift. I reused the blinds in The Life Instinct.

Test Drive

In April 2009, I had a pair of roller-skates altered to look like little cars. I gave them to a group of kids in Bangalore to play with.

Big thanks to Larsen for compiling this from my scrappy little video clips. Thanks to the Asian Cultural Council and the Bangalore Artist Center for making this project possible.

Moving at a greater speed than a pedestrian and a lesser speed than a car or motorcycle, the kids negotiated their own path within existing traffic patterns. More playful than functional, these journeys  provided an opportunity for non-linear uses of city-space and reflected on the dramatic changes in city planning and infrastructure to accommodate the increase in private vehicles.

You are probably wondering why one car is so much bigger than the other. I originally wanted to make several cars so multiple people could skate at once, and I was going to model them to scale after specific Indian cars! I ran out of time though, so we ended up with just two.