Continental Drift

One week left of Einat Imber‘s beautiful beautiful show, Continental Drift, at A.I.R. Gallery.

Read her essay.

“Tortoises seem to be a perfect vehicle for re-choreographing continental drift.  Their hard, round shell resembles the surface of the earth.  With a reputation for moving slowly, they are well-suited to demonstrate a geological phenomenon.

Perimeters Starts Today!

As part of my fellowship for AIR Gallery, I’m facilitating public site-specific works for three artists. I can’t wait to see/hear these amazing works in person!

They’re being presented this weekend at the Dumbo Arts Festival and sponsored by the Puffin Foundation. The hours are 6 to 8 PM Friday and 12 to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday.

View this blog for project updates. Here are the locations for each:

Martha Clippinger‘s site-specific installations:

Einat Imber: “May Day” on Plymouth St. train tracks

Lily Mooney: “Wandering Directions” audio tour. Visit to download the mp3, the map, and instructions.




I’m currently drafting my press release for the AIR show in June…. Here’s what I have so far for the paragraph about these collages:

For the last few months, Percoco has been cutting out images of trees from greater-New York area phone book ads. She has assembled them into landscape collages. These forested vistas can be seen as subliminal natural landscapes of New York. That the phone books themselves are made from trees unites image with substance, or representation with presentation. Although the graphic style of the trees runs the gamut from color photographs to black and white cartoons, the collages are unified by a consistent horizon and a sense of depth. She uses a shifting perspective to describe the changing viewpoint we experience while moving through a landscape.