Car Park / Art of the MOOC

Started watching the material from the 1st lessons of The Art of the MOOC, and they mentioned this piece by Nina Katchedourian, Stephen Matheson, and Mark Tribe, and WOW.

Carpark from Mark Tribe on Vimeo.


About Trees


Notes & Links from Panel Talk at The Kitchen last night, with: Katie Holten, Jessamyn Fiore, and John Holten.

–      Words are broken: earth, landscape, nature

–     Different translators, same sentence

–     “Wait a minute, that’s my project”

–     Trees as companions

–     Gordon Matta-Clark show at Zwirner

–     Para-poetics: poetry for non-humans

–     Sunday Salons on the Anthropocene

–     Oliver Sacks – gingko article