The Neighbors

I’m growing weeds in my backyard for my ArtBloc installation. I told the neighbors it’s for an art project, but they still seem a little confused.

When you are questioning value systems by collecting and using undervalued resources, this is part of the deal. You get some weird looks.

But I’ve been picking up trash for over a decade now. It doesn’t really bother me anymore.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 5




I’m going to be doing a public installation in ArtBloc in September. Here’s a description:

I am converting these windowed containers into a giant terrarium, to be filled with weeds collected from Hamilton Park with the help of the Greens Group volunteers. Throughout the two month period, the installation will be constantly changing and growing. It will act as a foil to the domesticated space of the park, a wild place within the city, encouraging viewers to look at the overlooked.

Here are some weeds we collected last Saturday. Stay tuned!

IMG_20140802_104310049 IMG_20140802_105622000_HDR