Waste(lands) / Junk(space)


“The Wild, Secret Life of New York City” by Brandon Keim

“We are in the habit of seeing untended nature as a sort of blankness, awaiting human work to fill it. It’s right there in the name: vacant lot. A place where spontaneous life is invisible, or at best considered so many weeds, the term used to lump together and dismiss what thrives in spite of our preferences.”


This Is Criminal Podcast: “He’s Neutral”

About a traffic island turned dump turned Buddhist shrine….

“Dan Stevenson has lived in Oakland’s Eastlake neighborhood for 40 years. He says crime has been an issue for as long as he can remember, but he isn’t one to call the police on drug dealers or sex workers. He’s a pretty “live and let live” kind of guy. Or he was. Before he finally got fed up and took matters into his own hands.”


Producing Waste / Producing Space event at Princeton

“This symposium brings together scholars engaging in innovative research on the origins, meanings and repercussions of waste landscapes in conversation with artists and architects conducting design research and interventions in spaces designated as waste or wasted.”

Last Minute Changes

So I made this thing for the AIM Biennial … woven structure of reeds & random bits … it took me a couple weeks.

It was alright. When I finished, 36 hours before installation, I cleaned my studio and sat down.

Then I had another idea, so I got up and started making that.

Paper mache. I figured if it didn’t work out I’d just use the original.

Spray painting on the roof.

It makes more sense this way. People can write on the sculptures. You know how you test a pen by scribbling with it?

I wonder why I had to finish the first piece in order to move beyond it. Maybe it’s that cleaning a room to me is like cleaning my brain. Or maybe I was just reserving judgment until it was finished.


Package from Charlotte – pens for my shrine this summer + this book. Thank you, Charlotte!

San Francisco

Pet Cemetery under a bridge, SF

The excuse for going to the west coast was tagging along on the first leg of Mike’s tour –> lots of late nights in bars and bathrooms like this one.

Outside of Seattle

I’ll save the Redwoods for a separate post …