Psychological Sewage

Rebecca Solnit has written, “If environmental problems are really cultural problems — about the nature of our desires and perceptions — then a crucial territory to explore or transform is the territory of the mind.”

I heard an NPR segment this morning about one of the myths we tell ourselves about water purity, which is actually counterproductive to our goals of drinking clean, safe water. Here’s a transcript. It’s written by Alix Spiegel.

Gowanus w/ Lily

Yesterday Lily and I went out in a Dredgers canoe.

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The tide was pretty high, and the water seemed a bit clearer than usual. Two shrines were completely missing: one of the golden domes and Helen’s felt yurt, and we couldn’t locate Florence’s wire construction. But the first tiny shrine, the lean-to, Helen’s hanging shrine, and the other dome are in good shape! We left several colored bottle caps and some other items and added a few rocks here and there. We saw three cats hanging out by the water, which surprised me!