Helvetic Power

Remember when those kids took us for a walk in their rice fields? I was just trying to create space on my hard drive and ran across these.

Picture 5

Actually I have the date from the time stamp on the photo: March 27, 2009.

Picture 1 Picture 2

I took lots of photos on that walk.

Picture 6

I just noticed this one….

Picture 1

But wait. What is the pattern on that guy’s shirt? Let’s zoom in. Wow.

Picture 2


Package from Charlotte – pens for my shrine this summer + this book. Thank you, Charlotte!

San Francisco

Pet Cemetery under a bridge, SF

The excuse for going to the west coast was tagging along on the first leg of Mike’s tour –> lots of late nights in bars and bathrooms like this one.

Outside of Seattle

I’ll save the Redwoods for a separate post …


I don’t believe I’ve introduced my new blowfish on this blog yet, though he’s a familiar site on Facebook. He’s about the size of a basketball.