As he posted on Facebook:

ART WORLD IS THE GAS STATION OVER-RUN BY A VENGEFUL PLANET OF RAGING WEEDS. David LaChapelle the wunderkind Warhol teenager who rose from that factory to soar through art forms, infuriating local priesthoods in each one, until he was directing vids for Madonna and Amy Winehouse and selling his photo works for prices rivaling the famous art stars that no-one has ever heard of. LaChapelle is now the kind of Earth re-wilder that we need replacing the predators in each category of establishment culture. His subversion of fine arts, photography and fashion – needs to spread to religion, retail, reality shows, medicine, fast food, science, banks, comedy, law enforcement (really?) – we need Earth disrupters everywhere for the required Earth revolution to take hold. The fossil fuel/big banker/war maker elite will be completely taken aback at how many of us appear in places they thought were safe for their profit center called Extinction. And we ARE everywhere. We’re starting a website for “Earth-lovers in Law Enforcement” to go with “Eco-Banker” – watch for the launches. If you’ve got a child and you want that child to live than you don’t support the fossil cartel, which includes all the Presidents and Prime Ministers you can come up with on your junior high quiz of the week. Tomorrow night we’ll go sing at David LaChapelle’s opening at the Kasmin Gallery, 10th Av and 27th St in the Chelse, 6 to 8 PM. We’ll sing a song or two, bless the man with a hands-on prayer, accept the celebrity wannabe mob as wayward sinners, after all sucking up to glam is a part of each of us, let’s forgive it in advance” “It’s OK, you look fabulous, but can you say… Earthalujah?!”

Check out DLC’s great show here:

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