I want to post an update about New Growth, but there isn’t anything to look at yet. Because I’m having things fabricated, my role is solely administrative so far. I’ve been sending a lot of emails, and I’ve also attended some meetings. I’ve chosen a site. Okay, I guess you can look at a picture of the site:


Here is a list of communications that I’ve sent about this project since I got back from California nearly 2 weeks ago:

April 2:
Email to Chris (fabricator), 8:06 PM

April 3:
Text Message to Chris, 7:07 PM
Text Message to Chris, 7:31 PM
Email to Chris, 9:26 PM
Email to Gary (digital printer), 9:54 PM

April 4:
Email to Gary, 8:13 AM
Email to Gary, 8:20 AM
Text Message to Chris, 9:50 AM
Email to Anne (of RIPA), 4:13 PM
Email to Anne, 10:16 PM

April 5:
Email to Anne & Lia (of Bronx Museum), 2:47 PM

April 7:
Email to Anne, 3:25 PM
Text Message to Chris, 4:15 PM
Text Message to Chris, 5:11 PM
Email to Gary, 9:02 PM

April 8:
Email to Gary, 8:00 AM
Email to Gary, 3:06 PM
Email to Anne, 6:31 PM

April 9:
Email to Gary, 4:53 PM
Email to Gary, 8:33 PM

April 10:
Email to Anne & Lia, 10:08 AM
Email to Anne & Lia, 12:03 PM
Email to Gary, 12:40 PM
Email to Anne, 2:21 PM
Email to Anne, 2:32 PM
Email to Anne, Deb, Scott & Eric (all of RIPA), 3:08 PM
Email to Anne, Deb, Scott & Eric, 3:14 PM
Email to Gary, 3:16 PM
Email to Deb, 3:25 PM
Email to Deb, 3:29 PM
Email to Deb, 3:30 PM
Text Message to Chris, 7:01 PM

April 11:
Email to Deb, 9:43 AM
Email to Deb, 10:45 AM

April 12:
Email to Deb, 12:38 AM
Meeting with Deb, 8:00 AM
Email to Anne, 10:03 AM
Email to Anne, 10:27 AM

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