See Part I here. And now the exciting conclusion!

Picture 3

Basically, Mike and I went back the next day, retrieved the two shrines hidden in the bushes and the two that were left under a bridge. We found sites for each of them and installed them. It took some time, but went pretty smoothly.

This one, the one with the TV, blends in really seamlessly with the background. Camouflaged. At least now, in the winter.

Picture 9

It does look really different here than when it’s green. You can see much further.


Picture 12

Even though it was in the fifties that day, the ground was still mostly covered in ice, and there were huge (melting) stalagtite-icicles.

Picture 1


This one is anchored: I tied a string to an inside structural element of the shrine, and then tied the other end to a large rock. I wedged the rock in this pipe. The string is taut.

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 2


Mike took this cool photo:

Picture 10

And then we found this guy: looks like he’s traded bamboo for cordgrass reeds.

Picture 11

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