I can see if from my roof.

(ZOOMING IN) I can see it even better in the winter, when the leaves are gone.

(ZOOMING IN) For awhile, I couldn’t figure out how to walk there, though.

When Mike came walking with me last week, he scampered up this hill of loose rubble and there it was. So today I went.

No live humans allowed. (Plenty of groundhogs and birds, though.)

Looks like most of the stones are from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

I was walking down a road bordering one side of the cemetery. At first it was paved, but then it degenerated into an overgrown path before it was completely consumed by weeds. This might end up being a site for a shrine. Gravestones and cemeteries have a lot in common with shrines.

I remember reading in Graham Harvey’s Animism that when someone dies, he/she transforms from a subject to an object. For many people, a gravesite or a headstone provides the possibility of communion with the deceased; a kind of pilgrimage. With this shrine project, I am interested in recognizing objects and places (particularly those related to municipal infrastructure) that might exhibit subjective properties, given the right kind of attention.

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