My solo show at NURTUREart opens in about two months. Here’s a little summary of what’s going to to happen:

The Life Instinct will celebrate, as Michel de Certeau has written, “opportunities that must be ‘seized on the wing’… maneuvres, polymorphic situations, joyful discoveries, poetic as well as warlike.“ Inspired equally by children’s couch forts as well as makeshift emergency shelters, Percoco will use scavenged materials and woven reeds to construct a small hut in the gallery. A projected slideshow documents her experiments with miniature huts constructed in a vacant lot and photographed in situ. Her zine, cataloging repaired objects, will investigate how value is lost and reclaimed and how repurposed objects can shift, sometimes humorously, from one role to another. Guest artists will lead a series of public skill-sharing workshops to promote resourcefulness and self-sufficiency.

And here’s another shelter:

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