Untitled (trees, hanger)

In the Memory Of Photos

The text reads:

again i hd to leave
bhnd wht cld not be carried
was phtgrphd to a weight and size idntcl
to small paper “ rmmber, do not frgt”

untl again i hd to move

thn i remmbrd… i can nt remmber

so i photgrphd mments amng ppl wthin lndscps light arrngmnts of tble settings thmbtacks bedding bxes by wndws

“ and move “

i phtgrphed untl i hd to phtgrph the phtgphs qrtering
the weight untl the mnemonic becme a .
move i cld not move
not move i cld nt stay
to nt frgt or stop

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