Proteus Gowanus has a call out for Migratory Objects and their stories, like the one below by Friends Of the Pleistocene.

I’ve been looking around for an object with an interesting provenance. A lot of my favorite objects have stories like this: “I was walking along and I found this weird object on the ground!” Maybe the object’s interesting, but the story isn’t. I’ll have to keep looking.

It also reminds me of this story by Robert Olen Butler.

4 thoughts on “Migratory Objects

  1. This makes me think of this hippo tooth that i have in my little wunderkammer. And all of the other random objects i have around my house…

  2. It’s not too exciting. I went to Cape Town a few years ago because a friend was in school there, and I saw this big tooth for sale in this junk store, and didn’t buy it. when my friend came back a few months later, she gave me the tooth. apparently it’s a hippo tooth. you’ll have to come over, so that i can show you my wunderkammer sometime.

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