Great Downtown Express article on Elastic City! It’s written by Lily Bouvier.

Some excerpts:

Poetry, sound, paranormal and ritualistic performance and other art forms are incorporated into showing participants a city they may think they already know well.

“A lot of [them entail] things that are…what one might call eccentric. I think that it’s kind of up to the artist to liberate the participants on the walk and make them feel more uninhibited to either try new things or to do things that maybe otherwise, in another setting, they wouldn’t do.”

“A big part,” [Todd] says of the walk format, “is bringing people together and forming community, however ephemeral.” But ultimately, he concludes, “if we can give people one new angle or new perspective, through which they may look as they walk down the street, then I feel satisfied.”

Reserve a spot on one of my upcoming Elastic City walks here.

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