Simone and I are trading landscapes. My New York/New Jersey for her California:

This photo was made with a pinhole camera.

I’ve been interested in those since high school, when one of my classmates made a giant pinhole camera using the principal’s one-window office. She covered the window in black paper and poked a tiny hole. The whole class crowded inside the pitch-dark room. After our eyes adjusted, we could see what was going on outside, projected upside down on the wall across from the window. We could see cars passing and people walking. We were inside the camera.

This image is made up of three views of the same location. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Simone.) It’s one continuous exposure, but the overlap of the different views distorts our sense of scale: notice the way the close-up grass blends into the distant shore on the right, cutting off the ocean so it looks like a river. And those two houses are actually the same felt sculpture from different angles.

For more about why I think shifting perspective is so cool (meaning multiple viewpoints & perspective systems in the same image), see this post.

Here are two normal-camera photos that Simone took in the same place:

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