“I wonder what is the source of this pleasure of ‘seeing the whole,’ of looking down on, totalizing the most immoderate of human texts.

“To be lifted to the summit of the World Trade Center is to be lifted out of the city’s grasp. One’s body is no longer clasped by the streets that turn and return it according to an anonymous law; nor is it possessed, whether as player or played, by the rumble of so many differences and by the nervousness of New York traffic.

“When one goes up there, he leaves behind the mass that carries off and mixes up in itself any identity of authors or spectators. An Icarus flying above these waters, he can ignore the devices of Daedalus in mobile and endless labyrinths far below.

“His elevation transfigures him into a voyeur. It puts him at a distance.

“It transforms the bewitching world by which one was ‘possessed’ into a text that lies before one’s eyes.

“It allows one to read it, to be a solar Eye, looking down like a god.

“The exaltation of a scopic and gnostic drive: the fiction of knowledge is related to this lust to be a viewpoint and nothing more.

“Must one finally fall back into the dark space where crowds move back and forth, crowds that, though visible from on high, are themselves unable to see down below?”


– Michele de Certeau, Walking In the City

Image sources:
1. Me – Last month – Jersey City from my studio window
2. Portrait of Margaret Bourke White, 1934, by Oscar Graubner (via What Every Girl Should Know)
3.. Still from the movie The Secret Of Kells
4. This Is Naive – Poscards From Singapore
5. Kathy~ (via Siege Fenetre)
6. Me – detail of Field Studies
7. Christie MacLean (via Siege Fenetre)
8. Me – Vrindavan, India – 2008

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