I stupidly didn’t take any pictures of my piece yesterday because I was focused on its assembly, which took the whole day, rather than the hour or two i anticipated. Now it’s forecast to rain the rest of the weekend, so the sculpture will likely be living on a porch. Nevertheless, it was a great day — people seemed to enjoy seeing the thing in progress, and some took a seat on one side while I was working on the other side. Kids seemed to love it especially.

I saw several instances of fake nature on Governors Island that day, though I was probably more sensitized to it than usual. Ironically, I did stop to take pics of these:



And Doug & Mike Starn’s gorgeous installation in the Whitehall Station near the ferry. When I go back on Sunday I’ll have to spend more time with it. They juxtaposed a veiny leaf to the island of Manhattan, veined with roads.


Sometimes subway art seems forced into a mosaic format, but this is perfect.

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