It’s weird when you’re working for a long time on a project but can’t see the whole until the very last minute. I’ve been sewing fabric leaves together for the past month or so while the very talented and capable Dana Hemes has been constructing the mechanics of a giant beanbag chair. I finally got everything in the same room earlier this week and it was surprising. So big and so many leaves. And happy accidents: the stuffing turned out pretty lumpy, because we have it in separate compartments, but it works great. Heaps of leaves are, in fact, lumpy.

Here are some Photoshop illustrations. (The title is Heap, and it’ll be shown at Figment Festival this weekend and then in my AIR show a couple weeks later.) I’m enjoying the contrast between the smoking tattooed dude and the natural setting. The girls look at home there. I guess that’s partially because of our associations of women/children/nature and men/culture, and partially because he’s wearing unnatural colors, and the lighting on the girls is more consistent with the background.

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