I’ve been lucky that free materials have come to me over the past months, as I’ve been preparing for my A.I.R. show.

These include:

Podium to display a book, lent by Sarah Granett‘s aunt and uncle. I love this photo. They were using it as a hose rack.


Styrofoam pellets collected by Chris Manzione. He is making foam sculptures and generating bags and bags of this waste, which is just perfect for beanbag chair filling.


These are just a few of the dozens of phone books I’ve received through Freecycle, friends, and strangers. (I’ve been using them for collage material.)


Frames from MFTA (free) and the Goodwill Store (very cheap). Instead of custom framing, I’m buying secondhand and stripping them of paint, so they will all have a natural wood finish but with different styles. I’ve been able to find frames for all but one oddly-sized piece. For just that one, I will order new.


At Goodwill I also found this walrus with dandelions embroidered on burlap…no relation to the show.

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