Happy Earth Day, friends! You may be frustrated at the blind eye our elected officials have turned to the environment. These two orgs are pursuing avenues other than legislative change. Today’s a great day to consider donating to one (or both!) of them.

  • Earthjustice — Their tag line is “Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer”. They don’t bother trying to convince politicians to do the right thing (a losing battle, if you ask me). They go ahead and sue governments and companies that are doing illegal and harmful things, and they have an excellent track record. Donate here.
  • Environmental Defense Fund — One great push (among many) they are making is forging unlikely partnerships with corporations like Walmart and McDonalds to reduce waste & fuel consumption. Because these chains are so widespread, it has a huge impact. View 2010 victories here. Donate here.

Mike and I were talking this morning about small changes we can make to our daily routines to reduce our impact. For the past 6 months we’ve been using rags, not paper towels. (Saved a lot of money, too.) We decided to make some new resolutions for Earth Day…. Mike resolved to cut the water in the shower when he’s not actively rinsing, and I decided to return to something a little more personal I learned in India. I’ve also been trying to remember to unplug the modem and microwave at night. I hope to start composting sometime soonish. Baby steps. We do what we can.

Also, here are some new leaves from a trip to MFTA yesterday. (I love the pixellated one in the first image. It’s actually on a luxurious silky fabric.)

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