On the Road at Arlington Art Center just came down, but I wanted to share this PDF version of the catalog. The show, curated by Jeffry Cudlin, is a collection of work made in the world and/or in response to it, outside of a traditional studio or gallery. Artists include: Andrea Chung, Gregory Thielker, Mary Mattingly, Jess Perlitz, Michael Ruglio-Misurel, Graham Coreil-Allen, Tim Ivison and Nick Lucking, Ellie Lee, and yours truly.

I’m in the middle of a studio-based body of work for my upcoming show at A.I.R. Gallery, but after reading through the catalog, I can’t wait to escape the indoors for a some public projects this summer!

In the meantime, enjoy these screengrabs from the catalog, and view the full version for their respective back stories:

Image credits from top:  Gregory Thielker, Jess Perlitz, Andrea Chung, Mary MattinglyMichael Ruglio-Misurel

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